• Science
    It's winter in Antarctica, but a temporarily unoccupied British research station is still operating using a new autonomous system. Using new technology developed by BAS engineers, the station is still partially powered by a micro-turbine as robotic sensors continue to collect scientific data.
  • Cadillac has unveiled a new compact sedan, the 2020 CT5, and with it a new advanced cruise control system called Super Cruise. The CT5 features a fastback design, signature Cadillac color and trim edges, and the ability to drive itself in some freeway cruising situations.
  • ​It was just last month that we heard about Spyce, a new Boston restaurant that uses a robotic kitchen to prepare low-cost stir-fry bowls. Well, now the high-tech Creator restaurant is about to open in San Francisco, which will be offering $6 robot-made gourmet hamburgers.
  • ​We've already seen a robotic device that's capable of inserting intravenous needles in people's arms. Now, researchers from New Jersey's Rutgers University have designed a system for drawing and analyzing blood samples.
  • ​The Roadie 2 robotic tuner from Band Industries has been available since the close of 2017, and has now been joined by the Roadie Bass. We've spent the last couple of weeks in the company of bass players to get a feel for how it performs.​
  • Brothers Bob and Tom Schiller are looking to bring back local bike frame production. Taking lessons from the auto industry, the twins decided to try and reinvent the way a bike frame is produced. And the first model is rolling off the production line.
  • ​If there's one thing that robots are good for, it's reducing costs by performing tasks that would otherwise go to human workers. That was part of the inspiration behind Spyce, a new budget-friendly fast food restaurant that has a robotized kitchen.
  • ​Online supermarket Ocado has made great efforts to automate the workplace, with pick and pack robots, for example, and a mechanoid helper for maintenance personnel. Now it has virtually opened the doors to a highly automated warehouse to allow customers to see how their shopping is handled.​
  • ​British online supermarket Ocado has already made huge strides to automate its operations. Now it's looking to give its human maintenance technicians a helping hand with the SecondHands project, and has just unveiled its first robot assistant test prototype named ARMAR-6.​
  • Toyota will bring its Platform 3.0 automated driving platform to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. The new platform is designed over a Lexus LS 600h and comprises long-range sensors over 360-degrees.
  • The US National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into a fatal crash involving a semi-truck and a Tesla Model S utilizing automated driving systems. The reasons for the crash are complex, but the report highlights issues with self-driving vehicles that should be of concern.
  • Science
    ​​While it may be worthwhile programming robots to paint many identical objects, the painting of smaller-run items is still done manually. That could be about to change, however. Scientists are developing a system which will allow robots to figure out how to paint individual objects.