Dubai does not do things by half, and a recently-announced development is a good example of that. Meydan One will be a 3,671,000 sq m (39,514,000 sq ft) mixed-use destination. It will boast the world’s tallest residential tower, a cutting-edge mall and the world’s longest indoor ski slope.

Meydan One will be located not far from from the planned Mall of the World, which will be the largest mall in the world if completed as planned. Although the entire Meydan One development (including its own mall) will be smaller than the Mall of the World, it will be similar in offering a wide range of functions and attractions.

There will be leisure, residential and hospitality offerings. Meydan One will become home to more than 78,300 residents, with that figure partly comprised of residents in the 885 apartments of the 711 m (2,333 ft) Dubai One tower.

In addition to providing residential apartments, the tower will house a 5-star hotel, a conference center, a plaza view restaurant and terrace, and the Meydan One Marina Yacht Club. As well as being the tallest residential tower in the world, it is claimed that it will feature the world's highest observation deck at 655 m (2,149 ft) up with 360-degree views, and the world's highest restaurant at 675 m (2,215 ft) up.

The planned Meydan One Mall is described as "a never before seen concept." It features a 150 x 80 m (492 x 262 ft) retractable roof that will be able to open during the cooler winter months to allow for outdoor shopping and dining. There will be over 300 restaurants, cafes and kiosks, as well as flagship retailers, luxury stand-alone outlets and nightlife.

A civic plaza will be able to host up to 60,000 people and will be home to a floating stage, a waterfall and what is claimed will be the the largest dancing fountain in the world, at over 420 m (1,378 ft) long. There will also be an 8,000-capacity arena for hosting sporting events, live concerts and theatrical shows.

Adjacent to the arena will be the planned world’s longest indoor ski slope, stretching for 1.2 km (0.7 mi). This will be just one of a host of sports facilities. A 25,000 sq m (269,100 sq ft) multi-purpose indoor sports center will cater for activities such as tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, squash, indoor cricket, mixed martial arts, softball, baseball batting, lacrosse, golf and hockey.

Outdoor facilities, meanwhile, will include football pitches, a skateboard park and a BMX park. There will be over 5.3 km (3.3 mi) of bicycle and jogging trails, a 9-km (5.6-mi) boardwalk and a 300 m (984 ft)-long beach that will offer swimming, paddle boats, sea kayaking, beach volleyball and night-time light displays. There will also be access to a water park, a beach bar and restaurants, a 4-km (2.5-mi) canal and a 100-berth marina.

The first phase of the development is scheduled for completion before 2020.

The video below is an overview of the Meydan One development.

Source: WAM

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