Rather than merely keeping your iPod or iPod upright while it charges, the Dexim MHub Dock Station offers a lot more connectivity for your Mac or PC. It’s designed to reduce cable and device clutter on a desk by combining the features of several computer accessories in a single housing, like a dock, a three-port USB hub, a mini USB port, and an SDHC/SD/MMC card reader. Mhub charges a variety of gadgets, including iPhones, iPods, BlackBerry phones, digital cameras … you get the idea.

Although it’s small the MHub is quite stable and the rubber feet keep in it place. The aluminum case can even match your Mac computer. Plus it comes with all the cables you need to charge and sync your devices.

If you find one of the onboard USB ports doesn’t provide enough power for your device, the unit itself has two USB ports, one to power the Mhub and a spare for devices that require a little more juice.

A CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, based on engineering qualities, aesthetics, functionality, unique features and comparison to competitors’ products, it sells for US$54.90 and is available worldwide.

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