With mountainous terrain covering around two thirds of the island, space isn't easy to come by for folks in the densely populated cities of Taiwan. A new tiny apartment in the capital of Taipei is making the most of every square inch, splitting the amenities across a three-level interior tastefully covered in carefully chosen materials.

The Muzha Micro Flat by local architecture firm Phoebe SaysWow is a 33-sq m (335-sq ft) unit in the Muzha district of Taipei, serving as a prototype house for folks living in the hustle and bustle of a modern city. The bedroom loft is enclosed by a single railing and wouldn't be ideal for toddlers, but is ideal for enabling maximum light to make its way through and add to the open feel.

This upper level is accessed by a moveable library-style ladder, which rests next to floor-to-ceiling shelving on the middle level. This shelving unit conjoins with both the wardrobe on the upper level and kitchen cabinetry below. Placing all the storage space against one wall like this was very much intentional, so as to keep it out of the way and again contributing to the open feel of the unit.

A little staircase runs the width of the kitchen and doubles as bench seating for the small dining area between the cooking space and restroom. This entire lower level is covered in glazed white tiles with cherry pink grout, adding a splash of color to the bright and airy environment.

The coldness of the tiles is countered by the use of birch wood upstairs, which the designers employed to create a sense of warmth and calm. The openness between the levels, meanwhile, is meant to encourage conversation and connectedness, perhaps giving the Muzha Micro Flat some social entertaining abilities despite its tiny floorspace.

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