US customers keen to escape reality and experience HTC's Vive headset can now do so at a number of stores across the country. Microsoft is rolling out in-store demos at select GameStop and Microsoft Stores, allowing customers to give the VR headset a try before they buy.

Residents of New York, Bellevue, Salt Lake City, Lone Tree and Dallas can go to the stores listed on Microsoft's website to try out the Vive. Each location will host a single demo system on which users can experience a 10-minute demo loop showcasing theBlu, Space Pirate Trainer, Job Simulator and Tilt Brush.

Microsoft aims to roll out the Vive demo at another 10 stores in April, including one in Sydney, Australia. The stores will be happy to take your orders for the US$800 Vive, but as of now will not have them in stock. It's also bad news for younger VR fans, as Microsoft requires you to be 18 or older before you slide on the headset.

Sources: Microsoft, Fortune

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