Microsoft has unveiled a nifty new keyboard with a clever little security measure built into it. One of its keys is not like the others, instead housing a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock a computer. The Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID also packs in some other nice features.

Microsoft may be calling it a "hidden" fingerprint sensor, but that basically amounts to a key just south of Shift with a fingerprint graphic on it. The idea is that pressing it like any other key will quickly log a user into their computer through Windows Hello, without the hassle of remembering and typing in a password.

Beyond that function, the Modern Keyboard is designed to be thin and sturdy, and can be plugged into a device or connected wirelessly via Bluetooth LE. In its wireless mode, Microsoft says the keyboard has a battery life of up to four months, and can be used up to 17 ft (5 m) away from the computer it's paired with. It's only compatible with Windows 10 though, so users running Mac, iOS, Android or older versions of Windows miss out.

Microsoft hasn't given any details on a release date just yet, but the Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID will be available for US$129.99. Check it out in the video below.

Source: Microsoft

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