Normally you'd want to keep your gaming controllers as far away from water as possible, but Microsoft Australia has just unveiled one you can drop in the pool without fear. While people in the Northern Hemisphere are more likely to snuggle up with the Xbox Onesie at this time of year, Australian gamers can now play at the beach with the Inflatable Xbox One S Controller.

If you thought Xbox controllers were traditionally bulky, then the inflatable version takes things to a new level. Microsoft hasn't released the exact dimensions, but from the promo images, it's plenty big enough to park your butt on. The thumbsticks look like comfy bumps to rest your head or arms on, and the View and Menu buttons have been replaced with all-important drink holders.

Microsoft points out that the controllers are wireless (a nice touch), but holding drinks and/or yourself is about the extent of its functionality: These are less likely to sync with your Xbox One than they are to sink to the bottom of the pool.

Angling for the Aussie tradition of celebrating Australia Day with a beach- or pool-side barbecue, the Microsoft Store Sydney is giving away a limited run of the Inflatable Xbox One S Controllers on its Facebook page.

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