BAE Systems shows off mystery drone at defense show

BAE Systems shows off mystery drone at defense show
BAE System's mystery drone
BAE System's mystery drone
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BAE System's mystery drone
BAE System's mystery drone

In a teaser of things to come, BAE Systems has displayed a model of its future drone at the World Defense Show in Riyadh. Steeped in more mystery than a Raymond Chandler novel, it gives us a hint of what future military drones might look like.

International defense shows can often be more like bird watching events than showcases for the latest military hardware. Defense contractors don't just like to show off their wares for sale, they also like to give a glimpse of what might be on the way. Oftentimes, these will be in the form of models or concept images on display without any explanation of what they are.

Though this can be a bit frustrating for the curious, it does provide something of an air of adventure to the proceedings.

In the case of the latest BAE Systems display, we get a model, but no specifications. Not even a name. However, there are all sorts of clues that give us some idea about this aircraft. The drone has a cropped diamond delta wing, which suggests that it can perform at transonic or supersonic speeds and has a small radar cross section. It's jet powered, has a V-tail for less drag, an angular hull, shrouded jet exhausts, and a dark coating, suggesting that stealth plays a large part in its details.

When we learn more and whether it leaves the drawing board is up to BAE.

Source: BAE Systems

I'm surprized it has tail feathers. Also, it is interesting that as modeling advances these things are looking more and more like God's creatures :-)
Dark Dove
Clay - what God's creatures have a V-tail and stealth?
It is so encouraging to know humanity is always working diligently on new and innovative ways for us to kill our fellow man.
@DarkDove see this for an example
Is this a spoof? it looks exactly like a stingray fish.
Dark Dove I wouldn’t call them Gods creatures myself Natures creatures in my book, but either way many exhibit stealth features. Be it Octopus and lizards that change couture and patter to blend in with surroundings, owl’s flight feather formation which reduces noise when swooping on pray to many insects and fish having the ability to manipulate light at the cellular level to confuse predators. Indeed even zebra of course show a form of natural dazzle effect that confuse predators when moving amongst a group/herd. Probably also significant that Bae called its previous high tech drone the Manta suggesting nature indeed is an influence to its thinking.