MimoMonitors.com has announced a new addition to its secondary monitors lineup. Billed as the world's first USB-powered capacitive touchscreen display, the Mimo Magic Touch features a 10.1-inch screen running at 1024 x 600 resolution. It can be used either with its dock/base, or simply held in the hand as a sort of tethered tablet.

While the brand is not particularly well-known, it's managed to create some buzz around its offerings that provide computer users with some extra workspace. These include the 7-inch USB-powered iMo Pivot Touchscreen Monitor, and the Mimo Mini 710 USB Monitor.

The Magic Touch can be used as a touch-operated extension of a home PC. The company also states it's suitable to be utilized in business, industrial and healthcare applications. The device requires no additional power source given it's connected via USB, but alas, it operates on the 2.0 standard, which is roughly ten times slower than USB 3.0. It comes with a brightness of 200cd/m2, contrast ratio of 300:1 and 16ms responsiveness. There's also the Deluxe version, which additionally features a USB hub with a couple of ports and an AC adapter, as external USB devices require some extra power.

One major constraint of the product, however, is that the touch-operated interface works with Windows 7 only. Mac OS and Win XP/Vista/2000 are supported, but without touch capabilities, which makes the upcoming Mimo arrival an ordinary and rather pricey secondary display on these systems.

The Mimo Magic Touch retails at US$299.99, or US$329.99 for the USB hub-equipped Deluxe version. Both units are now available for pre-order, with a shipping date "before Christmas."

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