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MindBall: an arcade game played with brainwave power

MindBall: an arcade game played with brainwave power
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Updated: July 21, 2005 Sportspersons often talk of the “power of the mind”, so it will be interesting to see who eventually becomes the world’s best player of a new game called MINDBALL. Mindball is a tabletop soccer game where the ball is controlled by the brainwaves of the players.Both players wear biosensor headbands which use embedded electrodes to monitor the electrical activity in the brain of each player and the game rewards the player producing the most Alpha and Theta brainwaves, portrayed by the game’s inventors as “being the most relaxed”.

Each player´s brain activity is shown in diagram form in real-time, enabling the audience to watch the ebbs and flows of the game as the mental workings of each player can be clearly seen by the audience. So Mindball goes against the conventional competitive concept of game playing. Instead of activity and adrenaline, it is mind control that sets aside the truly successful Mindball player.

The calmer and more relaxed a player is the stronger the relevant brain wave frequencies become, making them a more effective Mindball player.Originally developed by The

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