Different tasks require different types of screwdrivers. If you don't want to buy all of those types, though, you might be interested in Mininch's Spinner Drive – it's described as the one screwdriver to rule them all.

The Spinner Drive package consists of a pen-shaped aluminum drive unit, an aluminum torque wheel, and an assortment of bits that are kept in a revolver-cylinder-like aluminum/ABS storage unit.

For fine manipulations, such as replacing tiny screws in eyeglasses or cameras, users start by mounting the appropriate bit in the magnetic bottom end of the drive unit. They subsequently hold that unit against the screw by pressing their index finger into a dimple on the unit's top end, then they tighten or loosen the screw by turning the lower end of the unit with their middle finger and thumb. Bearings within the shaft of the drive unit ensure that it turns smoothly.

For working with larger and/or tighter screws, the torque wheel gets slid onto the drive unit. Users then turn the unit by gripping that wheel in their hand, applying much more torque than would otherwise be possible.

And finally, the magnetic bit-holder can be removed from the end of the drive unit and mounted in the chuck of an electric drill, for tasks that require even more power.

The Spinner Drive is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where backers can choose between two versions. There's the Standard Edition, in which the bits are made of S2 tool steel that's coated with corrosion-resistant manganese phosphate, and then there's the hardier Tough Edition, featuring SUS420 stainless steel bits coated in titanium nitride.

Backers can get a Standard Edition (in their choice of silver or black) that includes 10 bits and a carrying case, for a pledge of US$39. For the Tough Edition, a pledge of $45 is required. Assuming the Spinner Drive goes to production, the planned retail prices are $64 and $70, respectively. Packages with 20 bits are also available.

Taiwan-based Mininch, incidentally, has previously had success with two other Kickstarter projects – the Tool Pen and the Wrenchit.

Source: Kickstarter

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