MiniTV USB Tuner Delivers TV Viewing with Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Features, Scheduled TV Recordings to Desktop and Laptop PCs

MiniTV USB Tuner Delivers TV V...
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February 14, 2006 ADS Tech’s MiniTV USB Tuner is now shipping, enabling anyone with a Windows XP desktop or laptop PC to watch Digital TV with time-shifting capabilities and schedule recordings of TV broadcasts. The MiniTV USB Tuner is a cigarette lighter-sized SD Digital TV tuner that plugs into the USB port of a desktop or laptop PC. Users with a CD or DVD-recordable device also can burn their favorite TV shows to CD or DVD discs for viewing at their convenience.

When MiniTV USB is plugged into a PC’s USB port, it is instantly recognized without rebooting the computer or requiring complex setup procedures. Once connected, consumers can watch their favorite TV programs and sports events wherever they go, without having to carry extra cables or a power supply around. Using a standard TV antenna or cable connection, they can watch TV right on their computer screen in a re-sizeable window.

By bundling ADS Tech’s robust hardware with Ulead InstaMedia 2.0 Digital Home Theater Software, consumers can watch and record TV broadcasts, view photos and photo slide shows, and burn video directly to disc in the VCD or DVD format. With InstaMedia’s time-shifting features, consumers can rewind, fast-forward, pause live TV and continue from the time of the interruption. The software features a simplified user interface that is easy to use and navigate. The super sized is designed to look good on large computer monitors or even on TV screens from up to three metres away.

Designed for Windows XP systems, ADS Tech’s new MiniTV USB is now available through in the United States for US $79, or AUS$179.95 in Australia. International distributors can be found here. A complete hardware/software solution, the Instant TV PVR 2.0 comes with a USB 2.0 extension cable, antenna, antenna MCX to F-connector and a CD containing device drivers and Ulead InstaMedia 2.0.

View gallery - 6 images
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