Beginning on September 1st at the Mitsuoka Motors showroom in Osaka, car enthusiasts will be able to rent the company's supercar, the Orochi, for 33,000 yen per day (or about US$390). While Mitsuoka is not an especially well-known name in the motor industry, the company is making a splash among gearheads looking for a slick car that will make heads turn.

First introduced as a concept car in 2001, the Orochi finally saw a limited production run in 2006. The car is a 5-speed automatic, two-door coupe with a V6 3.3 liter engine.

For anyone who has been waiting to take this car for a spin, the Mitsuoka Osaka show room is taking reservations by phone. According to a Mitsuoka representative, however, operators speak only Japanese.

The design is pretty wild, and it's one that you'll either love or hate. While I'm not a fan of the fish-like grill, the Orochi's body has more than enough sexy curves to compensate for such a goofy grin. Or at least, I think so.

Also available for rent in Osaka is the company's other sports car, the Himiko roadster. This one can be rented at a lower 15,000 yen per day fee (or US$177), and would certainly make for a fun car to cruise the Japanese coastline as summer winds to a close. Although the Nude Top version of the Orochi could be an even better bet for such an occasion, if it's on offer.

Some of you might remember that the guys at Top Gear featured the Mitsuoka on the tail end of their train-racing trip a while back. If you'd like to see some video footage of their Orochi test drive, check out the video here.

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