Casa MJE (short for María José and Enrique), by Spanish firm PKMN Architectures, is a flexible vacation home that aims to ensure every last inch of space is made available to its owners. Featuring clever movable walls and folding furniture, the apartment can be configured to offer two bedrooms, one bedroom, or no bedrooms at all.

Located in Northwestern Spain, Casa MJE is part of PKMN Architectures' Little Big House series, which also includes the All I Own House. Indeed, superficial differences in decor aside, the two homes are really very similar, and both feature moveable wall units on wheels that are guided by rails.

Casa MJE comprises a total of 70 sq m (753 sq ft) in floorspace. The idea is, when the whole family visits, the movable wall units, Murphy-style beds, and pull-out dividers are used to create multiple small spaces. If there are just a couple of people home, the apartment can be arranged into a studio flat. Finally, if it's time for a party, all the bedrooms can be removed in favor of a single large space.

"The house has three positions and a house with two bedrooms, one bedroom or none of them," says PKMN Archtectures. "In that way, housing becomes a place to hold a big party for younger [people] or a loft space when María José and Enrique are alone."

You'd think that it would be hard work to move walls, but the family members appear to manage the process easily enough in the video below.

Casa MJE was constructed between March and July, 2014.

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