No need to shove up sleeves to use this wireless blood-pressure monitor

No need to shove up sleeves to...
An easier way to monitor your blood pressure
An easier way to monitor your blood pressure
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An easier way to monitor your blood pressure
An easier way to monitor your blood pressure

Wireless blood pressure monitors are certainly not new. The market has a wide range of these devices which communicate with an app on your phone to keep track of daily readings. Where a new monitor from Mocacare is different though, is that the cuff doesn't wrap around your upper arm but instead, it goes around your wrist. We got to try one out.

Because health wearables are becoming so prevalent, manufacturers are relying on incremental changes to try to stand apart from the competition. Mocacare – a company that's previously released a lozenge-shaped device that gauges your heart's pulse-wave velocity, a key measurement of cardiovascular health – has attempted to stand apart from blood pressure monitors from companies such as Withings, iHealth or Qardio by banking on the fact that a wrist-based cuff would be preferable to one worn higher up on the arm.

And you know what? It is.

As previous users of the Qardio monitor, we found the Mocacare device, known as the Mocacuff, much easier to use. You wouldn't think shoving up your sleeve would be that big a deal, but when you want to – or need to – monitor your blood pressure everyday, it can indeed be a hassle. Strapping this device to the wrist was just a lot easier.

The other nice part of the Mocacuff is that it provides a readout right on the attached screen rather than needing a connected app to give you the results, as is the case with most other wireless monitors. The cuff can also store 99 different readings and sync with a smartphone when it is nearby, so there's no need to go through the hassle of booting up an app every time you want to take your blood pressure, as is the case with the Qardio.

The Mocacuff works with two AAA batteries, which, the company says, should give about 250 readings. Again, this adds convenience to the device, being that it doesn't have to be charged via micro USB, as so many wearables do.

Beyond that, the cuff functions much like any blood pressure monitor, delivering your systolic and diastolic measurements along with your pulse rate. One notable difference is that the cuff needs to be kept at the same level as your heart while it's measuring, which can be accomplished by comfortably resting your arm on the included case.

The app – which is available for both Android and iOS – keeps a history of your measurements and is simple and straightforward to use, devoid of the bells and whistles that usually clutter health apps while providing modest added value.

The Mocacuff is priced at US$69 but is available for pre-order right now at $49. With a price-point on par with the competition, this wrist-based cuff seems like a real winner thanks to its built-in screen, ease of use and app-independent operation.

Product page: Mocacare

Most of the blood pressure monitors have cuffs for the wrist and all have monitors and some have bluetooth connections. What is new here?
I don't care if it is wireless. The human wrist is not the most accurate place to measure blood pressure. A wireless arm cuff would be welcome