January 10, 2008 MOGO Wireless has released a line of personal mobile cell towers that can boost signal strength by up to ten times, reducing dropped calls and increasing transfer speed for mobile broadband users.

Extending cellular range for both voice and data applications, the new Portable Wireless Cellular Amplifier line offers a home/office model that integrates with a laptop via a USB adapter, plus a mobile version that draws from an automotive 12 volt power supply and plugs into a car power connection.

The system can be used by multiple phones and users simultaneously, and requires no wired connection to phones. It is compatible with all wireless data cards and Bluetooth devices, as well as all service providers operating on 800 and 1900 MHZ (including AT&T, Inc., Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel and Verizon Wireless).

Available for a MSRP of USD$149, MOGO comes in an all-inclusive package with a dual-band amplifier and magnet mounted antenna with RF cable. A 12V to 110 adapter, available with the MOGO SOHO product or as a stand alone accessory, allows users to further upgrade performance in a home or office environment.

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