Drawing or making notes with a computer pen or stylus doesn't have the same feeling as using a paper and pen. Sometimes, however, you want to digitize something that you've drawn or written by hand. The new Moleskine Livescribe notebooks let you do both at the same time.

The notebooks have been created in partnership with smartpen manufacturer Livescribe, hence the name. They will work with any Livescribe smartpen, including its latest model the Livescribe 3, which Gizmag featured last year.

The Moleskine Livescribe uses normal paper with a special dotted pattern, which allows Livescribe smartpens to capture the location of what they write and draw. The pens link to an accompanying iOS app via Bluetooth and are able to duplicate anything that is written or drawn in real-time. This means that digital copies of notes or drawings can be created and saved with no extra time taken.

Handwriting recognition technology makes it possible for users to convert their handwriting into editable text that can be cut and pasted. Livescribe smartpens can also capture sound, so a user's work can be accompanied by audio notes.

The notepads feature on-page icons and additional pull-out sheets of icons, which can be tapped with the tip of the pen to trigger specific actions. The on-page icons can be used to trigger, pause and stop audio recording, as well as tag, flag and star work on a certain page. The additional icon sheets provide a host of functionality options for Livescribe pens, such as setting up and adjusting Wi-Fi connections, pairing with other devices and viewing the smartpen's status.

The Moleskine Livescribe notebooks are available now on the Moleskine website retailing at US$29.95.

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