According to the Center for Disease Control, breast milk will stay good for around 6 hours at room temperature, five days in the fridge and two weeks or more in the freezer. That might sound pretty straight forward, but when you're dealing with the stresses of raising a child, it can be difficult to keep track. Mommy's Watches is a new device that attaches to breast milk bottles, and is designed to help mothers, fathers and other care givers assess whether milk is still safe to use.

Mommy's Watches is essentially just a timer, but it's linked up to a thermometer that tells it to tick slower at refrigerator temperatures than room temperatures. As the milk is moved from one environment to another, the expiration time is adjusted accordingly.

If the user wants to see if the milk it still safe, they simply press the button on the side and either a red or green light will appear, indicating whether the timer has run down or not.

The device itself is constructed from lead-free components that allow it to continue working effectively in both the refrigerator and freezer. The exterior is made from food grade silicone, and it's designed to fit most standard breastfeeding bottles.

Mommy's Watches, which has already passed FCC testing, launched on Kickstarter today to raise a modest US$5,000 for the push to production. Pledges start at $15 and if everything falls into place, shipping is estimated to start in August.

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