Morgan Motors offers a piece of motoring history

Morgan Motors offers a piece of motoring history
The Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans
The Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans
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The Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans
The Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans
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November 5, 2004 Morgan Motors has begun manufacturing the popular +4 model again after nearly four years absence. Like all hand-built Morgan automobiles, there is a 12 month delivery period, but if you can't wait there's also a chance to buy the historic Morgan Aero 8 GTN Le Mans car which raced in the Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps 24 hour events and the Sebring 12 Hour in the US when it goes up for auction on on November 15.

Using the latest Ford Duratec 2.0 litre, the new +4 model has 150 Bhp on tap and perfectly bridges the gap between the 4/4 and the Roadster. Prices start from £28,111 including UK taxes.

The Aero 8 for sale on uses Morgan's famed coach-built construction and an ash frame over a 500 Bhp full-house race machine powered by a Mader prepared BMW 4.4 litre race engine.

Previous drivers include former Grand Prix star Jacques Lafitte, Adam Sharpe, Neil Cunningham, Keith Ahlers and Steve Hyde. The car is unique, ready to race and comes with a host of spares.

As the car's performance can only be described as mind-blowing, the Morgan team is even offering a two day handover and familiarisation package to the successful eBay Motors winner.

Claire Gilmartin, head of eBay Motors in the UK said: "Anyone who loves cars is fascinated by the Morgan mystique, and we expect considerable international interest in what could be one of the most valuable cars ever to be sold through".

To find the Morgan Aero 8 Le Mans car, simply go to on 15th November and put Morgan Le Mans into the search box.

The Morgan Motor Company is still owned and run by the Morgan family as it has been since its inception in 1909. Their hand-built, quality approach to car design and manufacture has cemented their reputation as a quality marque. The Morgan car has always been built around an ash-frame and a steel chassis. The Aero 8 gives unique strength and flexibility, with research showing that the ash frame actually makes the car safer on impact tests.

View gallery - 9 images
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