The cyclecar was a cross between a motorcycle and a car that popular a 100 years ago, mainly because the extremely light weight and powerful big V-twin motorcycle engine gave it sporting performance. Only one of the original cyclecar manufacturers still exists today – Morgan – and in a remarkable announcement, the entire concept has been updated and will sell for GBP25,000 powered by a big 115 bhp S&S V-twin, a five-speed Mazda gearbox and a cockpit modeled on a WW1 fighter plane.

Indeed, the whole aero and sporting heritage relationship with yesteryear is to be part of the marketing with very high quality decals including US military and British Air Force inspired logos, oval racing numbers and stripes, a shark nose, checkered winner's bonnet, official national flags and the Morgan wings.

More information of substance when it becomes available, or keep abreast of the developments at the purpose-built web site.

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