Judging by the recent Kickstarter success of Omata's One, a lot of cyclists like the idea of a speedometer that combines an easy-to-read analog display with high-tech electronic guts. A group of Swiss entrepreneurs, however, are going one better. Their Moskito not only serves as an analog/digital bicycle speedometer, but it can also be taken off the bike and worn as a smartwatch.

When used as a watch, the Moskito is mounted on its wrist strap and put in Time mode via the press of a button. In that setting, the main three mechanical hands indicate the hour, minute and second, while a smaller dial shows the date. As long as the device is paired to a smartphone, another small dial provides notifications of calls, texts and emails.

Once it's put on the bike – mounted on the stem cap or the bars – the Moskito is switched to either Speed or Chrono mode.

In Speed, the second hand indicates the current speed in metric or imperial, the minute hand shows distance travelled, the date dial shows the average speed, and the hour hand still indicates the time. In Chrono, the main hands indicate travel time in hours, minutes and seconds.

The message notifications also still work in Speed or Chrono modes. It should be noted, however, that speed information can only be displayed as long as the Moskito is in contact with a dedicated free app on the phone. Using that app, riders can also set challenges for themselves, and upload ride data to services such as Strava.

Depending on the model, the Moskito itself features either an aircraft aluminum or stainless steel body, a precision quartz movement with six bidirectional motors, and a mineral glass or sapphire glass lens. One USB charge of its lithium-ion battery should reportedly be good for at least six months of use.

Starting on Dec. 1st, it will be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of 535 Swiss francs (about US$529) will get you an aluminum model, when and if they reach production. Retail pricing should start at 765 francs ($756).

Source: Moskito

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