Your level of interest in the latest smart ring developments might just depend on how much time you spend yanking your phone out of your pocket. For those after connectivity without lifting a finger, the Mota Smart Ring is designed to ensure important updates are on hand right when you need them.

Set to be unveiled at IFA this week in Berlin, the Mota Smart Ring pairs via Bluetooth with an Android or iOS device to display notifications, such as text messages, incoming calls, calendar events and email, right on your finger. These notifications can be drawn from Facebook and Twitter and delivered in the form of text, audio and tactile alerts, with visual information shown on the ring's built-in display.

Customization options allow users complete control over which types of updates come through, and even the ability to create a list of contacts worthy of your time through a VIP feature. The Mota Smart Ring is water resistant and will be available both in midnight black and pearl white.

Similar smart ring designs that have emerged this year include the Smarty Ring and the gold-plated Ringly. Like these, the Mota Smart Ring is yet to hit market, and there's no word on pricing, but shipping is slated for the end of the year. If this flurry of first movers is any indication, those going shopping for functional fingerwear sure are going to have a lot of options on their hands. Literally.

We'll chase up further details of the Mota Smart Ring from the IFA show floor once it's unveiled.

Source: Mota

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