The importance of lighting can often be overlooked, but selecting the right illumination for each situation is actually rather important. Using a computer in the near-dark or reading without a suitable lamp can cause eyestrain, while creating the right mood can also be achieved by choosing the correct color, tone, and brightness. One light to suit every single situation doesn't exist, but the Motion Lamp from designer Gergo Kassai tries to its hardest to achieve this impossible task.

Kassai has an intriguing portfolio of future products, of which the Motion Lamp is just one. It's currently only a concept rather than an actual product available to buy, but its design is compelling enough to deserve being seen by a wider audience.

The Motion Lamp is designed to be adaptable to multiple scenarios – it's capable of being used as a table lamp, a reading lamp, or as mood lighting. Kassai has two versions of the Motion lamp in mind. Both sport the curved arc shape that resembles a water droplet, but one features an oval hole cut into the middle to make the shape of the light and the shadows it casts even more interesting.

The light source is an OLED film on top of free-form silicone, which, when coupled with flexible wires, means the whole top half of the Motion Lamp can be twisted and turned in order to position it. The base is made from plastic, so the whole thing is lightweight and, thanks to the OLED, ultra-efficient.

The Motion Lamp fills various criteria – it's a low-energy option that uses materials suitable for mass production, it's a single product that can be used for multiple purposes and on multiple occasions, and its function is wrapped up in a form that is as pleasing to the eye as it is infinitely usable.

Source: Behance via Inhabitat

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