Since mid-2013, Motorola has let you customize your own smartphone, with Moto Maker and the Moto X. Starting today that extends to smartwatches, with the made-to-order Moto 360.

Moto Maker now lets you order the exact Moto 360 you're looking for, with options for its case (main body color), band (including color, material and size) and default watch face (that part is mostly irrelevant, as this is easy to change once you get the watch).

The only price differences we see with the Moto Maker options are a US$30 premium for a gold body, and a $50 premium for metal bands. When added to the watch's $250 base price, that's in line with what these pre-built configurations already cost from retail outlets or Motorola's website.

Your options do appear to be identical to the ones you already had with retail Moto 360s – there are no new colors or materials in store, just new possible combinations (like the slightly hideous black body with gold band pictured above). There's nothing, however, preventing Motorola from adding more options down the road.

The Moto 360 is probably the most striking smartwatch you can buy today, but its less-than-stellar battery life prevents it from being a no-brainer recommendation (you can read Gizmag's review from back in September for more).

You can visit the Moto Maker page below to build your own smartwatch.

Source: Motorola

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