Motorola has launched three new "mission critical" communications devices aimed at law enforcement and first responder applications. The MVX1000 in-car digital video system and APX P25 two-way radio series are joined by the company's first encrypted Bluetooth earpiece designed for secure communications.

APX P25 two-way radio series

The APX P25 mission critical two-way radio series includes the APX 7000XE Portable, APX 6000 Portable and the APX 6500 Mobile. Each radio has FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware encryption, integrated GPS for location tracking and future ready capabilities with P25 Phase 2 technology, expandable memory, over-the-air programming and boast excellent audio plus advanced features like intelligent lighting. The APX 7000XE has been created for the use of first responders in extreme conditions, such as fire fighters and emergency rescue squads. It features are designed to be used easily and efficiently whilst wearing thick gloves and in noisy environments.

The APX 6000 portable and APX 6500 mobile were created for single band radio users. The APX 6000 is the smallest P25 Phase 2-capable radio and both are equipped with intelligent lighting to provide the user with color alert notification at a glance. There's also a text messaging feature and a voice announcement function with a clear, pre-recorded voice describing the selected channel or zone.

Encrypted Bluetooth earpiece

The new Bluetooth earpiece is made to be paired with the APX portable radio series, providing simple pairing and fast push-to-talk in a design aimed at comfort over long periods of time in extreme environments. The earpiece is enabled by adding an option board or enhanced expansion board to an APX unit and secure pairing is via Motorola’s ultra-short range pairing system. During the pairing process, the Bluetooth identifies the unit and a 128 bit key is exchanged to ensure transmission security is effectively unbreakable. The earpiece can be paired within an inch of the APX radio and is nearly undetectable beyond a few inches. It takes only two seconds to pair and less than five seconds for the wireless connection to be ready to use.

MVX1000 in-car digital video system

The MVX1000 in-car digital video system features high-performance in-vehicle evidence capture and a back office management system which automatically organizes the captured videos into a database for prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to access easily.

The compact unit features a 5-inch touch-screen display, 27X optical zoom, a rugged design to shield against water, dust, vibration, heat, cold, and rapid movement (MIL-STD-810G and IP54) and onboard 802.11n Wireless LAN capability.

The backend video management application – developed in partnership with NICE Systems Inc. – enables event recreation by synchronizing video, audio, location, and data streams from one or multiple vehicles into a single event.

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