Motorola’s Ruggedised Phone

Motorola’s Ruggedised Phone
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August 5, 2005 We can’t believe the lack of fanfare for the Motorola i560. The i560 offers advanced Walkie-Talkie services, Java capability, an external display and MMS but the thing that makes it waaay special is that it is a mobile phone built to take serious punishment – not the sort dished out by your average klutz, but the sort of extreme treatment you can encounter from tradesmen, firemen, public safety workers or on a building site or even in a war zone. The Motorola i560 is actually certified to meet military standards for dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure and solar radiation. Its external display allows information such as incoming calls, time and date to be quickly viewed without the need to open the phone. Why has a phone of this ilk taken so long? We predict a best-seller!!!!

Announced yesterday by Motorla and Nextel in the United States, the Motorola i560 provides Nextel's walkie-talkie capabilities, enabling group walkie-talkie conversations with up to 20 participants and the Direct Talk service, allowing short-range walkie-talkie communications in areas without network coverage Some of the many other features of the Motorola i560 include an internal color display, speakerphone, voice recorder, voice-activated dialing, GPS capabilities and an Internet microbrowser. The airplane mode allows the network signal to be turned off during flight while certain applications such as the date book can be accessed.

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