How do you get a heavy box across town without using a delivery truck, car or taxi? That’s where the Move-it could help – it’s a cleverly designed kit, made of self-adhesive cardboard parts that stick on your box and transform it into a lightweight trolley. And would you believe it’s entirely made of cardboard – including the wheels, axle and chassis?

How does it work?

The Move-it is still in prototype form but the concept is very smart. It's a kit that contains a set of wheels and two different types of handles. They can be applied in various ways, allowing the user to move any size and shape of box that is 20Kg (44lbs) or less. Apparently, a store attendant could attach the handle and wheels in less than a minute. It can be used on wet pavements and is designed to be hardy enough for a trip across town on foot or by public transport.

Every component of the kit is made of cardboard – so once you've got your package home all the kit's pieces can be removed and recycled or reused on another box. Even the glue is harmless – it’s made of a special repulpable contact adhesive which will easily disperse in water.


The designer, David Graham, developed the prototype system as part of an Industrial Design Engineering project. He was inspired to create a means of moving large packages through cities on public transport and Move-it was developed after a series of prototyping and checking the limits of certain materials, manufacturing and sustainability criteria.

Move-it was entered into this year’s James Dyson Awards alongside the SeaKettle Life Raft and the Ribbon Ceiling fan. The shortlist will be announced on the 24th of August, the finalists on the 14th of September and the winner on the 5th of October, 2010. The winning international individual designer or team will walk away with GBP10,000, (about US$15,700) with the same amount going to their University, a visit to a Dyson Research & Development Center in either the UK or Malaysia and a James Dyson Award trophy.

See how the Move-it works below.

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