Staying organized is a gift that some people have. Then there are those of us who struggle to keep things organized, the type of people who have great ideas but can't seem to keep it all together. There has to be a better way to keep our ideas flowing, appointments straight and notes all handy.

Well, good thing there is! Mover is the world's first movable tool for thinking and organizing. Movers are magnetic tiles that allow you to brainstorm ideas brick by brick. Four different sizes of Movers can be used for different goals, appointments and all those great big ideas.

Easy repositioning of the tiles is one of the greatest features of Mover. The flexibility of being able to move the tiles around so simply puts all the control back in your hands. Notebooks can be really messy and such a hassle to flip through all of the pages to find whatever you are looking for. The color coding and different sizing that Mover offers makes finding what you are looking for less stressful.

MoverPad is an add-on that will allow you to position your magnets on a tangible pad. Your memos and notes will stay put, unlike when you use traditional colored sticky notes, and the MoverPad is fully customizable so you can personalize it to your needs.

Movers can be placed anywhere with the help of MagDisks. The Movers' press and standup design makes them simple to remove and reposition despite using strong magnets.

Our brain is always thinking about new ideas and now there is a solution to making all of those ideas come to life. We also have the tendency to get distracted by all of the digital technology around us. Physically holding the Mover tiles as you plan your tasks lets you make clear decisions, plus having them right in your sight and so accessible will help keep you motivated and more productive. What employer doesn't love that?

Everyone could use a little more organization in their lives. It's all the rage right now and really should be a priority anyway. Mover is just the thing to help accomplish that.

Interested? You can pre-order Mover for a discounted price here.

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