In a very crowded marketplace, what can a newcomer to the Bluetooth speaker arena do to stand out from the crowd? Well, in the case of Mr. Everything, it's pack as much functionality and usefulness into a portable audio throwing box as possible. The water-resistant speaker comes with integrated emergency lighting, a wireless charging pad and enough stored juice to charge up a MacBook's battery twice or, as mentioned above, jump start a car. It's even got built-in storage. Not the flash memory kind, but somewhere to stow away essentials like protein bars or first aid supplies.

Described as an all-in-one charging station and speaker, Mr. Everything's built-in 14.8 V/6,700 mAh Li-Pol battery is reported capable of charging an iPhone 6 up to 15 times. The portable power bank is also being promoted as a source of emergency backup power should an earthquake, tornado or other natural disaster knock out the mains supply.

There's a lid up top which opens to a utility box for storing charging cables, earphones, thumb drives, house keys or all manner of modern life's necessities. The lid is also home to a Qi charging pad for wireless top ups of compatible smartphones. Each of the four USB ports provides 2.1 amps at 5 V, and if the car's dead battery needs a jolt then there's a 16 V/2 A DC out port, too. A similar Mr. Everything+ model also includes a universal AC outlet.

On the upper face, there's a groove for slotting in a tablet or smartphone for hands-free viewing and a line of playback and volume control buttons. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information available on what to expect from the speakers, other than the very vague assurance of "high quality Bluetooth-enabled audio" and that they'll be "comparable to expensive brand name speakers." This is because the final configuration has not yet been determined.

The Los Angeles-based development team (which includes a former senior engineer/researcher at Samsung) is currently considering three different units, with the lowest setup comprising two 6 W speakers rated at 8 ohms impedance.

Elsewhere, there's NFC connectivity (1 amp at 5 V), an aux-in jack to cater for non-Bluetooth devices and two LED lighting modules – a bright white one for use as a flashlight and some color-changing RGB mood lighting.

Mr. Everything and Mr. Everything+ are currently at the working prototype stage, each measuring 10.6 x 7.1 x 5.1 inches (269 x 180 x 129.5 mm) – though there is talk of reducing that bulk by about 30 percent for increased portability in the final products. Before consumers can actually get their hands on them however, the developers have launched on Kickstarter.

Early bird pledge levels of US$199 for the standard model and $299 for the Plus version have recently been extended, with backers potentially saving up to $150 off the expected retail price of each. The campaign runs until June 15 and, if all goes to plan, delivery to anywhere in the world is set to start in November/December.

The upbeat pitch video below shows what Mr. Everything has to offer.

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