The Light & Motion Solite is a chameleon of outdoor lighting that was born ready to hit your handlebars, helmet, head and hand. The light was introduced in 2011 and is now getting improved with more run time and an enhanced safety light feature.

The Solite is a small, lightweight and versatile lighting solution that can serve numerous roles in the outdoors. Out of the box, the light straps to your head with a rubberized band and serves as a headlamp. The small light head can also mount to the battery pack, creating a swivel-action flashlight. Available helmet and handlebar mounts, which are sold separately, transform the Solite into a functioning bike light.

Light & Motion is adding some extra run time with a new "read" mode, which stretches the lithium-ion battery pack out for up to 100 hours of burn. The read mode provides 6 lumens of light - enough for close-proximity situations like walking to and from your tent, cooking and, of course, reading.

Of course, many outdoor applications will require more light than "read" mode has to offer. The Solite 100 offers up to 100 lumens, and the Solite 250 offers 250 lumens. Both lights burn for 2.5 hours on high, and their regulated light output means that you get full brightness for all 2.5 hours, as opposed to the gradual taper experienced with some other headlamps. Both lights also offer up to five hours on medium and 20 hours on low. The lights include new red side lighting that makes you visible to others without interfering with your own vision. A new lock-out mode prevents accidental activation and battery drain during transit and storage.

The Solite 100 and 250 models each use a lithium-ion battery that charges in five hours. The micro USB charging port works with many cell phone charges and solar chargers, potentially allowing you to leave some charging hardware at home during trips. A four-part LED battery life indicator lets you keep track of how much charge you have left.

The Solite 100 retails for US$99, and the 250 sells for $149.

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