Call me crazy, but isn’t a sofa meant to be a place of relaxation? Apparently, it’s not any more. Swiss-based Artanova has created a modern, upholstered sofa that incorporates multimedia into its design. Featuring creamy upholstery and stainless steel feet, this is one stylish-looking piece of furniture on its own, but it also boasts a computer, wireless MP3 player and iPod/iPhone dock, as well as subwoofer and loudspeakers.

This aesthetically-pleasing Athena sofa has broad armrests, each of which incorporates a computer with a swing-out flat screen and integrated keyboard. It also includes a dock for your iPod or iPhone and an MP3 player with a wireless connection. Rounding off this multimedia package is an integrated 8-inch subwoofer and loudspeakers.

For a cool USD$15,436 (approx.), one of these could be yours, although if you prefer to laze away the hours on your sofa, you may find a better use for your hard-earned bucks.

See Artanova for more details.

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