The maker of the display cells used to create the world's biggest multi-touch wall and the interactive Twitter Wall installed at CES 2011 has just announced the release of 42- and 55-inch MultiTaction display cells, fully integrated with Windows 8.

Suitable for use in public spaces, office board rooms, or high-tech classrooms, the new MultiTaction 42-inch (MT420W8) and 55-inch (MT550W8) display cells from Finland's MultiTouch Ltd are powered by Intel Core i7 processors and are capable of unlimited concurrent touch points with hands, real life objects and tags, or Win 8 native infrared pen tracking.

They benefit from over 200 frames per second Computer Vision Through Screen tracking, and both models allow clients to take advantage of the raft of smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC applications from the Windows 8 Store.

In addition to the company's own Cornerstone SDK, developers can use their favored platforms using industry standard interfaces such as TUIO and XML Stream to create custom apps.

The new Cells are available for order now (although, at the time of writing they have yet to appear on the company's website). You'll need to contact the MultiTouch direct for details of pricing.

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