Ecovative Design is best known for making sustainable mushroom-based products which can be used as an alternative to Styrofoam, but the company has now turned its hand to making a tiny house on wheels from fungi. At least in part, anyway ...

The company's enthusiastic claims of "growing a house" may be putting it a little too strongly, as the Mushroom Tiny House requires other materials (mostly wood) to construct, too. That said, the project holds considerable promise for both tiny home enthusiasts and, more generally, larger-scale sustainable building.

The mushroom part of the Mushroom Tiny House mostly refers to its insulation, which is based on mycelium (or mushroom root). This insulation is inserted between standard wooden panels, and is both fire resistant and green, containing no harmful toxins (unlike, say, Styrofoam). The company explained via email that the pint-sized dwelling also contains acoustic tiles made with the mushroom-based material.

Ecovative Design is offering its Mushroom Tiny House for sale in kit form. The unit starts at US$9,000 for the basic kit, rising to $12,000 for the deluxe option, which contains windows and doors. Alternatively, the insulation can be purchased separately for $8 per cubic ft.

Though we've no further details on its dimensions or specifications, the Mushroom Tiny House kit looks rather basic compared to other small living options we've previously reported on, like the Tiny Tack House, and it appears that you'll need to provide your own sustainable technology like solar panels to live comfortably off-grid in one. However, the broader idea itself is compelling.

On that note, Ecovative Design tells Gizmag that work is underway on creating SIPS (structural insulated panels), and other building materials from its mycelium material, so perhaps the opportunity to truly "grow-your-own" home – tiny or otherwise – is on the horizon. Watch this space.

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