Dutch architect MVRDV is no stranger to designing unusually shaped buildings, but its Y House project is perhaps the most unconventional of them all. As the name suggests, it's a home shaped like the letter "Y" – a shape, it seems, that offers the perfect place to nestle a striking swimming pool.

The design, worked up in collaboration with KAI Architects, is aimed at raising the top of the house above those around it, for use as a communal space that makes the most of the surrounding views. MVRDV founder Winy Maas explains that the "Y" shape also makes room for a more sizable garden around the base of the building than would otherwise have been possible.

The arms of the "Y" accommodate a living space and a dining room, while changing rooms lead up to the pool. Stacked below are two children's bedrooms, a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, with a "tea room" for entertaining guests at the base of the building. Access to all levels is provided by both stairs and an elevator, while circular windows of varying sizes are used to fill the interior with natural light.

The 330-sq m (3,550-sq ft) single-family weekend home is said to be be positioned and located based on the principles of feng shui. It will be located in Tainan, Taiwan, between the city and the sea, and is part of a development that is expected to to become a weekend retreat for city workers.

MVRDV says Y House is the second project it will bring to fruition in Tainan, although it has yet to confirm a planned completion date for us.

Source: MVRDV

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