Back when Austrian entrepreneur Christoph Frandorfer was an architecture student, he developed knee and back problems from riding a bicycle that didn't fit. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford to get a bike custom-made for his measurements. That's where he first got the idea for My Esel, which is billed as "the world's first mass-produced custom bike."

My Esel clients start by entering a variety of body-part measurements, using an online configurator on the company website. They also select the bike style, frame color and components package that they want.

From there, an algorithm crunches the numbers and determines the best frame geometry for them. The bike's wooden frame is then cut and assembled accordingly, with a guarantee that the bike will deliver perfect power transmission and an orthopedically perfect sitting position.

The choice of wood as a frame material not only makes customization easier, but it also offers a distinctive look, and it remains rigid while also minimizing vibrations. Additionally, thanks to a four-layer surface sealing process, the My Esel frames are claimed to be weatherproof. The weight of a complete bike sits between 9.4 and 13.5 kg (20.7 and 29.7 lb), depending on the setup.

Pricing information isn't available at this time, although My Esel bikes are claimed to be more affordable than hand-built-to-order traditional models. Oh, and in case you're wondering, "esel" is german for "donkey" or "ass."

Source: My Esel

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