If you only want your home security camera to keep vigil on your home while you're away, and not watch you while you're there, you could just disable it when you walk through the door. But there's always a danger of forgetting to turn it back on before you go out again. The Myfox Security Camera features a mechanical privacy shutter that can be opened or closed remotely using an app running on an iOS or Android smartphone.

The camera's remotely controllable motorized privacy shutter can be brought into play when users are at home, but raised for security patrol using the Myfox Security App, the Myfox keyfob or set up for automatic activation.

The Myfox camera sports a 130 degree fixed-focus lens and its 3 MP sensor is reported capable of recording 720p/30 fps HD video when its passive IR-based motion detectors register movement in the home. The 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi-enabled device is mains powered with battery backup, which will keep the camera rolling up to an hour after the power is disconnected, and there's an optional wall mount kit available should you not have a handy bookcase to place it on.

There's 4x zoom available, night vision with a 19 ft (5.8 m) range and live view via the companion app. The camera also packs a microphone for two-way communication opportunities with family members when away from home.

The Myfox camera is part of a pro-active home alarm system designed to help prevent potential break-ins rather than notify a home owner after the event.

The system comprises a wireless hub, keyfob, siren and IntelliTag. The latter is a window and door sensor with a 1 year battery life that analyzes surface vibrations and is able to distinguish between someone trying to force entry and someone just tapping on the window or door to get your attention.

The 110 dB siren is placed indoors, perhaps on a bookshelf or coffee table, and the 802.11b/g/n Link hub plugs into a wall outlet (though has 6 hour battery backup) and wirelessly connects to a proprietary network with anti-jamming detection technology. Rather than having to enter a code on a keypad to disarm the system when you get home, the Myfox system uses a cell battery-powered, hands-free keyfob with a wireless operating distance of 164 ft (50 m) from the hub. The fob is also equipped with a panic button that sends a silent alert to the alarm system.

The comings and goings can be monitored on the free system companion app, which will also notify users if the system detects an intruder or when the keyfob-wearing kids enter the home. Trusted friends and neighbors can be added to the setup and selected to receive notifications.

The Myfox home alarm system is priced at US$279 (for the Link, IntelliTag and Siren only). The Security Camera costs an extra $199.

Source: Myfox

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