MYPCE - very ergonomic workstation

MYPCE - very ergonomic workstation
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October 30, 2005 We first wrote up Personal Computer Environments two years ago and we’re still enthralled by the company’s vision and products, specifically the Total Immersion PCE. The environment created by MYPCE turns the idea of a computer workstation station inside out, making users the centrepiece of a personalised, ultra-comfy command centre, designed on the premise that the traditional desk and office environment is a detriment to employee health and productivity. MYPCE is designed for power users such as programmers, designers and video editors who spend long hours working on a computer screen and wish to benefit from the productivity advantages of a comfortable environment using more than one monitor (20%+ productivity increase).

With the need to refine the workspace, the PCE provides a narrow footprint and give facility managers and office designers an exciting new possibility for efficient office configuration. You can have up to three LCD monitors and serious shake-your-fillings-out 6.1 surround sound and an ideal environment for gaming, surfing and interacting with the rest of the world on-line. We see one of the ultimate evolutions of this machine as a workstation but it’s a bit restricted at the moment cos there’s no-where to leave a mess … oh, sorry, err, that’s one of the advantages.

Apart from looking good, there are actually ergonomic benefits in the MYPCE design – the PCE frame has its own integrated ergonomic chair, though once inside the frame, there are a few more adjustments than your average ergonomic chair has – like on your back, for example. The frame is made of aluminium and steel and comes in a choice of Black, Blue, Red and Metallic Silver.

You can take a 360 degree look at MYPCE here, and if you’re already measuring up the office, its vital measurements are height: 5’6” (167.64 cm); length 5’9” (175 cm); width 2’9” (83.82 cm) and the weight without chair or computer is 155 pounds (70kg)

And before you get all carried away, MYPCE is not cheap at a base price of US$2750 before you start adding a screen, computer, speakers and so on and you could easily blow US$10K building a productive and comfortable working environment … which would of course be a complete waste of money. Hell, you only spend eight hours a day at your computer and you’d need to earn more than US$2 an hour to justify the 20% productivity gain and …

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1 comment
Moirraine Campbell
Pretty pathetic that these chairs were never made for mainstream users and now has disappeared from the web.
We need chairs like this - with mouse stations - angled to stop leg/back/neck injuries and pain.