Sometimes, the moments you really want to capture in a photograph occur when you don't have a camera to hand. The Narrative Clip sought to solve this problem, clipping onto a user's clothing and taking a photo every 30 seconds. Narrative has now unveiled a new version called the Clip 2 that brings a number of user-requested improvements to the wearable camera.

I reviewed the original Narrative Clip for Gizmag in April last year. While I was impressed with the concept and its potential, I was left feeling that the device wasn't quite as good as it might have been, especially for the US$279 asking price.

Narrative, the company that manufactures the Narrative Clip, says that improvements made in the Narrative Clip 2 are based on user feedback about the original device. Among those being touted by Narrative are an improved camera, a wider-angle lens, wireless connectivity and more versatile wearing options.

The camera has been upped from 5 MP to 8 MP and is said to have improved light sensitivity for low-light shooting. Certainly any attempt to improve photo quality is a welcome move. Although the original version of the Narrative Clip produced decent enough images in daylight, those produced in low-light situations were grainy and the overall quality was mediocre at best.

The addition of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to upload images wirelessly, instead of having to physically connect the device to their computer. The addition of Bluetooth also means that users can check the photos that the Clip 2 is taking instantly on their smartphone using the accompanying iOS/Android app.

Narrative says another improved feature is the device's modular rear that allows users to attach different mounts to wear it in a variety of different ways. This is said to make it more adaptable and comfortable to wear.

Elsewhere, the Narrative Clip 2 features GPS to record photo location data, a claimed 30 hours of battery life and 8 GB of memory (like its predecessor). It is available in black, white or red. The Narrative app, meanwhile, has been updated to include a Public Moments timeline so that users can share their favorite photos with the rest of the Narrative Clip community.

The Narrative Clip 2 will be available later this year and will cost US$199.

The video below provides an introduction to the Narrative Clip 2.

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