February 5, 2008 Finding a quiet space to de-stress, phone home, check emails or catch a quick, comfortable nap in the middle of a busy airport is a challenge that's nigh-on impossible at the best of times. While airport lounges offer some comfort to the weary traveler, the Nemorelaxer aims to take this to a whole new level by providing a fully-connected personal oasis where users can watch films, access wi-fi Internet, make calls, listen to music or just recline for a well earned nap without fear of interruption.

Built around Stressless reclining chairs manufactured by Ekornes ASA of Norway, the pods include a built-in touchscreen monitor and fold-away worktable. The staffed service also incorporates wake–up calls, a luggage lock-up facility and the free loan of a laptop. A second layer of protection from the outside world is also available in the form of an encircling cocoon.

Access to the Nemorelaxer units is to be sold in 30 minute time slots and the company is currently in discussion with International Airport and Transit Authorities. While details of pricing and potential locations are not yet confirmed, the Nemorelax website reports that the first example of its product is set to open in Europe in the near future.

Via Luxist.

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