Japanese design studio Nendo has launched a range of stationery with innovative twists on traditional ideas for its "by | n" brand. The range was conceived by Nendo founder Oki Sato, and includes a pen that becomes a tablet stylus, a ruler with graded markings for visibility on dark or light surfaces, and a rethought "cubic" rubber band that's easier to pick up and maintains a better grip on rolled documents.

Also included in the range are sliced, circular pads of document markers with rounded edges that help them stick to pages, "wheels" of joined paper clips that can be detached as needed, a pencil case that peels back to become a desk-top pen holder, and a bottomless desk-tidy frame that can be placed over items on the desk surface to keep them organized.

This is not the first time Gizmag has featured work from Nendo. Last year we covered its lounge installation as part of Stockholm Design Week and back in 2010 the firm partnered with Masagasu Mitsuke to create an ultra thin ceramic speaker.

Nendo was founded by Oki Sato in 1997 and its designs range from furniture to office spaces to watches. The stationery range will be available in Japan from February and abroad from April.

Source: Nendo

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