Having made itself a household name in the world of routers and modems, Netgear is now making a big push into the area of home security. It has added to its line of Arlo surveillance cameras at CES with its first baby monitor: a device that not only tracks the state of your newborn, but things like air quality and temperature as well.

If we had to guess, there are probably nicer, less traumatizing things to point in a newborn's face than a big ol' security camera. Arlo Baby is Netgear's attempt to make this more palatable by dressing said device up as a bunny, cat or puppy to make sure the nursery maintains a friendly feel. These outfits come as optional extras for US$20.

But there's plenty going on underneath these cute and cuddly costumes, too. The camera itself is 1080p HD, which broadcasts live to your smartphone, tablet or PC so you can keep an eye on the little one from afar, with night-vision built in so you can still check in after lights-out. It features two-way audio so you can talk to the baby through your device if need be, and motion and sound alerts push notifications to your phone if the baby moves or makes noises.

There are temperature, humidity and air sensors that gather data on the environment and report live, sending an automated push notification or email if certain factors fall outside of a user-defined range. Arlo Baby is also loaded with lullabies that can help put the baby to sleep, and a multi-colored, dimmable LED night light that can be controlled remotely. The rechargeable battery that means the camera can be used wirelessly if need be.

To become available in the second quarter of 2017, the Arlo Baby monitor will be priced at $250, while a $350 option will see a dedicated 7-inch LCD display thrown in.

Source: Netgear

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