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Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock: complete control of your waking life

Neverlate Executive Alarm Cloc...
Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
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Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock
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November 26, 2007 American Innovative has released a successor to their Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock. The new Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock is a fully customizable 7-day Alarm Clock with everything from the backlight brightness (three levels of brightness or off altogether) to the total alarm duration being fully adjustable. The new model features the first-ever "preferences menu" in a clock radio and snooze duration, sleep and nap timer options are carried over from the original. If you're not a tinkerer however, these advanced features stay out of your way.

The original Neverlate was the first alarm clock to feature seven, independent daily alarms - one for each day of the week. In the new model, American Innovative has introduced the concept of alarm "banks" - three in all. The two "7-day" banks provide two, completely independent seven-day wake schedules - "his" and "hers", for example. In addition, a "Daily Reminder" bank is included with up to seven daily alarms that sound every day at the same time, just like an ordinary "dual" alarm clock, except with the added flexibility of five additional daily alarms. The new Neverlate also features a "Gradual Wake" feature and a range of input options including line-in, headphone jack and a powered USB port on the back. The "Descending Snooze" option cuts the snooze time in half each time the snooze button is hit until the Neverlate Executive won't let you snooze any more or, for those that find the idea of five more minutes just too tempting, the snooze button can be disabled altogether.

Doing away with the complicated combinations of push-buttons traditionally used to adjust time and alarm settings the patent-pending dial controls of the original Neverlate are also carried over to the new model. A twist of the center Mode Dial allows users to select the desired alarm, while rotation of the outer collar is used to adjust time and other settings up or down. The Neverlate Executive also adds a new digital FM/AM tuner with 20 station presets as well as a brand new aluminum cone speaker for better sound quality. Any station preset can be assigned to any of the alarm settings allowing users to wake to NPR news at 7:00am weekdays, a morning talk show on a different station on Saturday and the buzzer on Sunday.

A limited run of the Neverlate Executive will be available in time for Christmas this year shipping on December 12th with direct orders taken on a first-come-first-served basis.

The unit is priced at US$59.95.

For further info visit American Innovative.

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