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New 24 hour Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) record

New 24 hour Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) record
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July 23, 2006 Greg Kolodziejzyk has officially broken the world Human Powered Vehicle record (HPV) record, setting a new mark of 1046.94 km (650.538 miles), beating the previous mark of 1021.36 km (634.644 miles) set in 1995. “We celebrated with hugs, high fives, and champagne,” said an exhausted Kolodziejzyk, the second forty-something year old to set a world HPV record in the last few weeks. Our lead-up report to the record attempt can be found here. Greg was very gracious upon exiting CP1, thanking his family, the crew and the officials for all their hard work and enthusiasm. He was very pleased with the track conditions, and the fast pit stops, as well as the performance of CP1.

Though Greg is currently driving back to his home in Canada, he told Gizmag in an email that he is not yet sure what records he will attempt in the future. Significantly, his record-breaking machine which was named Crticial Power in the lead up to the record, was referred to as CP1 (Critical Power 1) in his email, indicating that new records are certainly on the agenda, though perhaps not one as draining as the 24 hour record.

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Walt Stawicki
24 hours, 650 miles- ( 27mph)...thats close to the 28mph 1000 mile record just set my an electric \"car\" !!! add a dash of rememberance for the recent \"bike beats airplane\" race...and just wonder where we could go!
Søren Algreen-ussing
congratulations, must have had worked up an appetite, after the \'sweat\' performance !. s.