New head mounted display for use in military training

New head mounted display for use in military training
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Juy 18, 2007 A Helmet mounted display is a versatile technology that allows computer images to be projected in front of the wearer’s eyes, and can be used to show a plethora of wicked awesome things, including distant focus, tactical information and thermal imaging. The usefulness of the product has ensured that it is constantly seeing new developments, innovations and applications. L-3 Communications’ Advanced Helmet Mounted Display has recently been incorporated into the U.S. Army Flight School XXI, a promising sign for the emerging twin fields of "augmented reality" and “making people more like the Terminator”.

L-3 Link’s Advanced Helmet Mounted Display provides pilots with a 360° field-of-regard of out-the-window imagery and systems symbology. It offers better visual resolution than its predecessor, as well as more enhanced image quality and greater transmissivity. Plus, it’s ergonomic, too.

“Helmet mounted displays have proven their effectiveness in supporting the U.S. Army Aviation Warfighting Center’s conduct of large-scale, simulation-based aviation training exercises, which are conducted over geo-specific visual databases of areas in Iraq and Afghanistan to which units are preparing to deploy,” L-3 Link’s Vice President of Army Programs Mr. Genna stated. “The integration of L-3’s AHMDs into these exercises will further enhance the quality and training realism of these major training events.”

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