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New Hitachi machine washes and dries clothes all in one

New Hitachi machine washes and dries clothes all in one
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November 2, 2004 A new Air Jet Dry system from Hitachi not only washes clothes - but dries them as well, all in the one compact machine. Ideal for ever-increasing hectic lifestyles and limited living spaces, the new Air Jet is available in stores now.

"People have always thought of washing machines as having a single purpose - to wash clothes," says Shibily Moidy, Product Manager, Home and Life Solutions, Hitachi Australia. "But with innovations like the new Air Jet, we are engineering a new phase of development where washers and air dryers are interactive and able to serve multiple purposes."

Using air room temperature, the revolutionary Air Jet dries clothes while they're still inside the washing machine. Air is sucked into the centre of the washing tub at high power, then spirals up and around the inner wall. At the top the air mixes with fresh air being sucked in to continue the cycle and dry the contents of the tub.

Perfect for busy households, the Air Jet leaves clothes dry, tangle-free and ready to wear once ironed. And because the air is not heated, it won't damage your clothes like a dryer can.

"The Air Jet requires no transfer from the washing machine to the clothes line or dryer, so a load can be washed and dried by the end of the day," adds Moidy. "And no matter what the weather, you can guarantee your clothes will be clean and dry."

The Air Jet Dry is now available at a suggested retail price of AUD $999 for the 8 kg machine and AUD $1099 for the 9 kg.

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Key Features of the Air Jet Dry system:

*8.0kg or 9.0kg capacity Air Jet washer

*Powerful 900rpm Quick-Dry

*Stainless steel large capacity tub

*51cm wide tub

*New air-in flap

*8 program cycle

*Speedy wash cycle

*Spin speed 900rpm

*12 level water selector

*Wide pulsator

*Fuzzy logic control

*9 minute spin dry timer

1 comment
1 comment
Gregg Eshelman
There are machines like this from other companies. Their problem is without heating the air they take a long time for the dry cycle, so forget doing a quick wash and dry.
You have to put your clothes in the night before or early morning, then they\'ll be ready when you come back home.