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New wireless intercom eliminates need for base station

New wireless intercom eliminates need for base station
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January 29, 2006 For sports coaches, event coordinators, theatre directors, security personnel, and others with a need for group and one-to-one wireless communication, Anchor Audio’s new PortaCom Pro could be just what’s required. It’s a 2.4 GHz professional wireless intercom system combining an automatic lock out feature to keep conversations to two speakers at a time for maximum understanding, with an “All Call” channel allowing any user to speak to everyone in a group. Allowing up to 15 simultaneous groups to operate on 15 user group channels and a separate “All Call” channel, the user-friendly PortaCom Pro can bring any size group together for priority calls. Each user group can contain an unlimited number of users within a range of approximately 250 metres. Unlike cumbersome wireless intercom systems requiring a central base station or active antennae, the PortaCom Pro requires just a lightweight headset and beltpack for each user.

Offering a natural conversational feel, the PortaCom Pro’s patent-pending, Omni Point Expandable Network “OPEN” recognizes human speech patterns, enabling it to limit full duplex communication to just two users at once. This enhances understanding since only two people speak at a time while the rest of the group listens, and a new user can speak as soon as a channel is clear.

The “All Call” channel allows any user to speak to everyone in the group. When the “All Call” operator stops speaking, all users conveniently and automatically revert to their original channel selection. The “All Call” operator switches to another channel to disengage the feature.

To secure privacy, the PortaCom Pro’s unique User Selectable Encryption “USE” prevents eavesdropping from users outside a particular group. Users simply set switches under the battery door to one of 256 unique settings. When all of the belt packs are set to the same settings, no other intercoms or scanners can monitor the transmissions. This feature is particularly helpful for security or sport event-related applications where privacy is critical.

Designed for simplicity, the PortaCom Pro can be used by anyone. Getting started is as simple as connecting the headset to the body pack; wearing the headset and positioning the body pack on a belt or pocket; then turning it on and starting communication.

To conserve battery power, the PortaCom Pro is voice activated and has an LED battery indicator. The system is available in four or six packs consisting of headsets, wireless belt packs, power supply wall chargers, and a protective carrying case with custom cut foam.

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