Driving and talking or texting on a cell phone is illegal in most parts of the world, and with good reason. However, using a phone as an in-car music player is standard practice for many people, and the safest way to do this is with a mount that keeps your phone secured and easily accessible. Mountek's nGroove Snap caters for this need by mounting smartphones in a place that doesn't get used by many drivers these days – the CD player.

The nGroove Snap uses a two-piece removable blade system that expands inside the car's CD player with the turn of a knob. This keeps it locked in place, so it should not fall, even while driving down a bumpy street. The creators claim it is strong enough to hold almost any smartphone, a GPS device, and even small tablets. However, they do not recommend using a full size iPad or other large tablet.

The smartphone is held on the mount with a magnetic badge that sticks to it using a removable adhesive. This is made the be thin, at only 0.55mm, so it can fit inside of a smartphone case or under a phone's removable battery cover.

While the main hook for the nGroove Snap is fact that it puts car CD players to use again, but it is also designed to be used outside of the car as a stand, or wedged into other slots like a closed drawer.

The nGroove Snap mount is currently in its funding stage on Indiegogo. It had blown past its US$15,000 goal with almost $80,000 put up by backers at the time of writing. It's expected to ship in July.

The video below provides more information and shows the nGroove Snap in use.

Source: Indiegogo

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