After months of online chatter, Nikon has confirmed that it's developing a full-frame mirrorless camera. Though yet to be named and priced, the FX format camera will make use of a new lens mount but still be compatible with F-Mount lenses via an adapter.

Nikon started teasing what it's calling the "next generation full-frame mirrorless camera" earlier in the week when a delightfully detail-free video entitled "In Pursuit of Light" appeared on its special events page. The minute-and-a-half footage showed a big sensor and a shadowy representation of what seemed to be a mirrorless format camera.

That video has now been transferred to a microsite and Nikon has confirmed development of the camera. At this stage, the company is not giving too much away but is saying that the next gen camera and new mount Nikkor lenses that will roll out along with it will "enable a new dimension in optical performance." An F-Mount adapter will allow photographers to tap into other Nikkor lenses.

Full-frame mirrorless cameras have been in the wild for a while, from manufacturers like Sony and Leica, but this is Nikon's first and means that brand enthusiasts "will have two industry-leading camera systems to choose from, giving consumers the choice to enjoy the unique values that each system offers."

More details on the new camera and accompanying glass is expected to follow shortly.

Source: Nikon