Nikon's DS-Qi1 Digital Camera offers high speed and sensitivity for seamless live cell research

Nikon's DS-Qi1 Digital Camera offers high speed and sensitivity for seamless live cell research
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December 8, 2006 Nikon has released first details of its new DS-Qi1 Monochrome Digital Camera, an ultra high-quality scientific grade digital camera specifically designed for fluorescence applications and an excellent choice for high speed and high sensitivity applications in quantitative fluorescence imaging. The DS-Qi1 represents Nikon's new flagship camera in the DS camera lineup. The camera is a monochrome CCD designed specifically for fluorescence applications and features a 1.3-megapixel CCD that accurately captures microstructures at a high resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. The camera accelerates frame rates beyond previous models and improves resolution, expands dynamic range, and reduces noise by using Nikon's proprietary imaging technology.

The DS-Qi1 features an impressive 17,000 electron full well capacity with only eight electron read noise for a dynamic range of over 2000:1 while maintaining linearity necessary for quantitative imaging applications. In addition to a high dynamic range and linearity, the DS-Qi1 also incorporates a programmable gain amplifier for low-light levels, or for shorter exposures. The camera's small footprint makes it easy to integrate and only a single cable is required to connect the camera head.

"Nikon's DS-Qi1 is an example of Nikon's continuing focus on advanced imaging," said Stan Schwartz, vice president, Nikon Instruments. "The DS-Qi1 provides live cell researchers with the most sophisticated CCD technology available for demanding digital imaging applications."

The DS-Qi1 CCD is coupled with Nikon's DS-U2 controller. Using the DS-U2, live images can be viewed, recorded, measured, processed, and analyzed on a PC monitor by connecting the unit via the USB 2.0 port to a PC running NIS- Elements control software.

Nikon's has bundled NIS-Elements F software with the new DS-Qi1 camera. NIS-Elements incorporates advanced acquisition control of the DS-Qi1, including changing the digitalization rate, full binning control, and full gain controls that allow users to utilize all of the camera's features. Optional NIS-Elements AR and BR software extends the quantitative analysis virtues of the DS-Qi1 camera.

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