Nissan debuted a redesigned Armada (Patrol outside the US) at last year's Chicago Auto Show. This year, Nissan will arrive with the extreme weather and terrain capable Armada Snow Patrol, which will appear alongside a sportier snow-themed vehicle – the custom-made "370Zki" (pronounced 370 ski) one-off "snowmobile" constructed from a 370Z roadster.

The Armada Snow Patrol sees a 2018 Armada lifted by Pro Comp to add about two inches up front and an inch in back to the overall body clearance, which allowed the larger wheels (20x9 Cognito Series 61) and huge Pro Comp MT2 extreme tires (35x12.5R20s) to be put on the SUV. An M1A2 off-road bumper and grille protection bar, 12,000-lb (5,443-kg) winch, and overfenders were also added, as were light bars, extended running boards, a roof rack, side steps (so mountaineering isn't required to get in), and some fog lights.

"The Armada Snow Patrol project was completed using readily available aftermarket parts – thanks especially to Pro Comp and Katzkin--showing owners how easy it is to take their family adventures to the next level even in some of winter's most severe conditions," says Billy Hayes, division vice president, Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, Nissan North America.

The 390-hp (291-kW) Armada should have no trouble towing the little 332-hp (248-kW) 370Z Roadster "snowmobile" – or should that be "Znowmobile" – that will also be on display in Chicago. Nissan is not a newcomer when it comes to adding tracks to its vehicles, having applied them to the Rogue Warrior for the snow and desert in recent times, but this year the automaker has opted for a little more sportiness.

Removing the tires and wheels from the 370Z Roadster, Nissan's project team installed Dominator Tracks from American Track Truck on the rear, while special snowmobile-style skis were fitted to the steering knuckles up front. The whole car was lifted by about three inches to accommodate and allow clearance for these changes.

From there, a cosmetic body wrap was put on and the wheel wells were opened for more space. The car is otherwise factory-spec. And if you want to enjoy the icy fresh air, it comes with a cloth power-folding roof.

Both the 370Zki and Armada Snow Patrol will be on display at the Chicago Auto Show from February 10 to 19.

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